W99 Car Following Model - How It Works

A demonstration of Wiedemann 99 Car Following Model, inspired by this video. Created by Guanghui Liu.
Download the Presentation Slides for 2016 PTV North America User Group Meeting.

Simulation Control

Vehicles and Drivers

Number of Cars

Model Parameters

cc0: Standstill Distance - m

cc1: Spacing Time - sec

cc2: Following Variation - m

cc3: Threshold for Entering "Following" - sec

cc4: Negative "Following" Threshold - m/s

cc5: Positive "Following" Threshold - m/s

cc6: Speed Dependency of Oscillation - 10^-4 rad/s

cc7: Oscillation Acceleration - m/s^2

cc8: Standstill Acceleration - m/s^2

cc9: Acceleration at 80km/h - m/s^2


System Status

Vehicle Status